One day more - results day (Feel free to add to or change bits)

<b> Teachers:</b> One day more, another day another destiny. To see which students get their degree. These exams which have no use, must surely come a second time. One day more.<p><b>Student/uni:</b> I did not live until today, how can I live when we are parted?Student that failed: One more day all on my own, one more day without them caring. What a life I might have known. If I only went to uni-ver-si-ty<p><b>Students that flunk intentionally:</b> watch them run amuck, see them as they fall. Never know your luck when there's a free for all.<p><b>Examiners:</b> One more day till the results come. We will cut them where they stand, We'll be ready for these schoolboys. They will wet themselves with blood.<p><b>All:</b> Tomorrow we'll discover, what our exam grades have in store. One more dawn, one more day, one day more!<p>

Alison: Oh Cosima… I had no idea it was so bad…

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Surprise, surprise. Now, I’m going to be honest, when Delphine was introduced as a love interest for Cosima, I kind of went, “oh poop, now the frakkin’ ship’s gonna eat everything and my awesome science hacker-geek girl with the twists will vanish forever into a chasm of SHIP.” But, happily, Cosima persevered. Because she is a rainbow and Delphine is the graceful French unicorn leaping across it. 


But hang on to your bonnets, I’m going to be a little bit* serious about the relationship for a minute. When you examine the evidence, it’s a rather complex and also touching sort of relationship. Cosima is a rather lonely heart. And at perhaps both the most perfect and the most unfortunate time in her life, she finds a friend.

I pray that we all find friends with the hair of a heroine of Greek legend

What we know of Cosima comes primarily through the character-building Maslany and Co. have spoken of. Cosima comes from a pretty well off background. She is a brilliant student and outgoing personality. She’s had a dream education. My personal head canon is that back in grad school she and Astrid Farnsworth took some of the same classes before Astrid joined the Fringe Division and — HOLY WATERSHEDOrphan Fringe just happened.

Beth couldn’t handle the fact that our Spider man wears red spandex instead of purple and just went “fuckit, I can’t take this anymore, goodbye not-my-world”

Sorry, sorry, digressing. 

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This was perfect beyond all reason, also THE HAIR.

Orphan Black vs. Tumblr

vs. Tumblr series (3/?)

Life is not a game. Be strong. Fight. Survive.

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Orphan Black Characters (Moments of season 2)

This is part 1, to see part 2 click here

Tatiana Maslany’s improvised moments from Orphan Black Season 2 (x)
↳ You never really know what Tatiana’s going to do. She does a lot of prep but I think she surprises herself too. – John Fawcett


i want cosima w her dreads down and cosima w her dreads braided and cosima in a beanie and i am just really hopin that the OB team is taking this time on hiatus to make a bunch of new cosima wigs for tmas


All the h u r t, all the lies. All the t e a r s that they cry

When the moment is just r i g h t. You see fire in their e y e s [ x ]

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Signs as the 12 Olympians


Aries: Ares

Taurus: Demeter

Gemini: Hermes

Cancer: Aphrodite  

Leo: Hera

Virgo: Hephaestus  

Libra: Apollo

Scorpio: Hades

Sagittarius: Zeus

Capricorn: Athena

Aquarius: Artemis

Pisces: Poseidon

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It’s reassuring to know that the hiatus doesn’t impact only us but the cast as well


It’s reassuring to know that the hiatus doesn’t impact only us but the cast as well

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